Better Access, Better Care

Synergy Cloud software allows clinicians to remotely monitor infants who are at risk for apneas, bradycardias, or desaturations— reducing the length of stay for newborns in the NICU and making home infant monitoring more profitable for home care providers.


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Synergy Cloud Dashboard
Data Access

24/7 Connection

Anywhere there's an Internet connection you can access your patients' data. No downloads necessary, just login through our secure web portal.

Data Accuracy


Studies have shown that no matter how well trained medical professionals are, they still miss apnea events. Paired with our Smart Monitor devices, Synergy Cloud gives professionals unparalleled accuracy for reviewing patient data.

Low Costs for Everyone

Lowering Costs

Having Online access means data
collection costs are significantly
reduced. No time-consuming data
uploads or travel required.

Training Videos & Help Desk


Training videos and articles are in place to make your transition to the cloud fast and easy. 

Customer Driven Software Updates

Regular Updates

Because Synergy Cloud is an Online
platform, data uploads and software
updates can be done remotely.

Completely Secure


Personal and health data need to be
kept secure. That's why we built
Synergy Cloud with security and
privacy at its core. Learn more here.


Every Synergy Cloud account has at least one administrator. This means every account has full functionality and access within the system right away.

Unlimited Storage

Free Care Network Connections

Custom Reporting

Account Preferences

Case Management

Available at


Additional User

Begin saving right away with each new user you add to your account. Additional users are all connected in one care network and can work together in Synergy Cloud.

Unlimited Account Associations

Interpretation and Scoring Functionality

Profile Customization

Care Notifications

Online Help Resources

Available at


Available Discounts

Quarterly Discount

Sign up for quarterly billing and we'll give you 5% off your invoice.

Lower Cost

Every Three Months


Annual Discount

Sign up for annual billing and we'll give you 12% off your invoice.

Lowest Cost

Once a Year


Synergy Cloud is a web-based software that displays data from SmartMonitor cardiorespiratory monitors, allowing clinicians to remotely manage NICU graduates. Using a familiar interface with an intuitive design, the software provides the following features:

  • Graphical displays, customizable event labels, and improved communication.
  • Patient demographics, monitoring parameters, and case history.
  • Trusted security features comply with national standards including HIPAA in the US and GDPR in the EU.
  • Downloads are consolidated in one patient case record improving data interpretation.
  • Case records are available on the web 24/7 through PC, tablet or mobile.
  • Communication to the care team is simplified, automated and configurable.
  • Detailed reporting supports clinical decisions and reimbursement.
  • The patient case record can be imported into the hospital EMR.
We're excited to introduce Synergy Cloud, the next step in creating continuity of care between the hospital and home. Clinicians can now make informed decisions remotely—improving quality of care and changing infant monitoring forever.

David Groll

Circadiance Founder & CEO

David Groll

Moving to the cloud means better care.

Accessing your patients data is the key to providing the care they deserve. Synergy Cloud automates continuity of care from hospital to step-down to home for NICU graduates. Remove the wait-time, expense, and tedium from your infant monitoring processes. See what moving to the cloud can do for you and your patients:

Synergy Cloud Demo