Software Engineer
Department: Engineering
Function: Oversee the development of an IoT web application that displays medical data collected by Circadiance devices.

Key Performance measure: Timely completion of the IoT web application.
Education requirements: BS degree in computer science or computer engineering
Experience: 3 – 5 years experience in IoT web application design, development and launch. Knowledge of C, Python, PostgreSQL, Django, AWS preferred.
Skills: Software Requirements, Design, Debugging, Testing & Documentation.

1) Oversee development of Synergy Cloud, an IoT web application that displays medical data. Manage the 3rd party contractor.
2) Produce appropriate documentation related to design and support activities.
3) Facilitate the launch of the software including roll out to initial customers. Develop the customer implementation process.
4) Integrally involved in developing the user training material.
5) Act as a support liaison between customer service and any design contractors.
6) Manage the hosting operations of the application. This includes maintaining security best practices and SOC and Hi Trust compliance.
7) Provide ongoing maintenance, support and enhancements in existing systems and platforms.
8) Establish the core of our software engineering function. Recruit additional staff as the company grows

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