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For years Synergy-E was the partner software for SmartMonitor 2 infant monitor units. This software-hardware pairing has a reputation for reliability and accuracy of data interpretation in the hospital and home settings. Circadiance has recognized the need for a cloud-based software solution to help clinicians and DMEs manage patient cases.

Circadiance launched Synergy Cloud software and is sunsetting Synergy-E. This new tool moves all the functionality of Synergy-E online and adds additional features to help our customers save time and money on their infant monitoring processes. As a web-based product, Synergy Cloud is provided on a subscription basis. To assist you with your organization’s transition to the cloud, we have created a trade-in program to give you cash or credit toward your first Synergy Cloud subscriptions.

Here's how it works:

Any surplus, broken, or old SmartMonitor 2 units that you have in your fleet can be sent to Circadiance and we will grant a corresponding credit or cash* offer toward your Synergy Cloud subscriptions. This allows you to save on fleet management costs and move your organization to the cloud for less. To find out how much you could save on Synergy Cloud by trading in old monitors, click the button below.Click Here to Begin the Trade-in Process

*Values are calculated based on model type, age, and condition after Circadiance receives them. Credit will be higher than corresponding cash offers.

Contact your Circadiance sales representative to learn more about moving to the cloud.