Human Resources Specialist
Function: Administer the selection, retention and development of all employees of Circadiance. Establishes and administers Human Resources systems which will support the long term success of the company.
Accountability: Responsible to administer the recruitment, development and retention of employees who will enable to profitable growth of the company.
General: Involves a great deal of interaction with managers to understand their staffing and development needs. Requires a person who can create, develop and implement Human Resources systems and programs.

Education Requirements: A degree in Business, HR Management or equivalent preferred.
Experience: Prior HR roles required.
Abilities: Must be able to train staff in the application of Human Resource Management tools.


  1. Administer all staff recruitment for the company.
  2. Manage the job posting system.
  3. Participate in any job offers.
  4. Identify, subscribe to and implement an HR system that automates key HR functions and that support a remote work environment.
  5. Administer employee orientation program.
  6. Develop an employee development system. Develop and / or locate training programs to meet the needs of the employee development system.
  7. Administer personnel files.
  8. Develop and administer performance review system.
  9. Develop and administer compensation review systems for all employees
  10. Maintain the current organization chart.
  11. Develop benefits programs.
  12. Develop and release an employee policy manual.
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