Director of Engineering
Department: Engineering
Function: The Director of Engineering is responsible for managing the New Product Development process, design control process, developing the product roadmap and managing the IP Portfolio. Responsible for establishing the overall objectives and initiatives of the engineering department. The Director of Engineering develops ideas for new products or product enhancements and oversees the creation and improvement of products. They may also provide engineering expertise to other departments where needed.
Accountability: Must ensure the reliable execution of engineering projects within budget to achieve the desired product roadmap.
General: The job entails close involvement with the technical staff to ensure engineering activities and projects are being properly executed.

Key Performance Measure: Timely completion of new product development. Rapid resolution of technical issues to ensure product quality and supply of product.
Education Requirements: Degree in Engineering.
Experience: At least 10 years experience in a technical discipline and at least 10 years of experience in engineering management. A software background with experience in electrical and electronics engineering preferred.
Abilities: Must be able to solve technical problems and manage a technical staff & department. Effectively plan, manage, monitor, control and lead an engineering function including:
  • Software & Firmware Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Hardware Engineering & Design
  • Testing, Validation and Reliability Engineering


  1. Manage development projects. Establish schedules for projects and ensure their timely completion within specification.
  2. Design new products. Develops ideas for new products or product enhancements.
  3. Oversee the technical activities of engineering staff, designers and contractors.
  4. Review and approve key events during the development of new products and product changes including quality plans, product and process validation, pilot runs and design reviews.
  5. Recruit staff to execute engineering goals per approved plans.
  6. Coach/Training Engineering Department Team Members
  7. Develop and manage the product roadmap and product portfolio.
  8. Identify and implement cost savings.
  9. IP Portfolio management- Support all dates and deadlines of the company IP counsel.
  10. Manage the engineering expense and capital budget as well as the patent budget.
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