Customer Service Representative
Function: The Customer Service Representative is the primary contact between the customers and the organization. The Customer Service Representative will create the customer’s first impression of the company.
Job Environment: Must interface with customers to provide information about our products and to address their issues with the purchase and use of our products. Must produce reports to Management, Engineering, Quality Control, Inside Sales and Field Sales regarding sales and complaint trends.
Educational Requirements: BS/BA degree preferred
Experience: Prior experience as a Customer Service Rep preferred.


  • Must have a pleasant manner; on the phone and off.
  • Must have effective communication skills; written and verbal.
  • Must be a good problem solver and have exceptional listening skills to hear what a customer WANTS and NEEDS before responding.
  • Must have the ability to speak with respect and friendliness to all customers and all departments within Circadiance.
  • Must have excellent computer skills.


  1. Take customer calls.
  2. Enter customer orders and complete order processing.
  3. New account set-up: Provide a new customer with all the information they need, including the Credit Application and pricing information. Gather their account information and enter it into the customer master file. Provide contact information on their sales rep and notify their rep.
  4. Collect Pennsylvania Tax Exempt Forms. Coordinate with Accounting for invoicing purposes.
  5. Respond to customer technical problems:
    1. Provide written and verbal guidance on how to use the company’s products.
    2. Continue ‘walking’ the customer through the process to meet their needs. The next steps include:
      1. Refer the customer to Clinical Support if needed
      2. Utilize the Customer Complaint Process if needed
      3. Initiate the Return/Refund Process if needed
  6. Manage customer technical issues and complaints. Record complaints. After all other methods of satisfying the customer have been exhausted, RA’s will be issued.
  7. Lead management: Collect sales leads from phone calls and e-mails. Enter them into the Lead Management System and notify the appropriate sales rep.
  8. Conduct Customer Surveys by phone, in writing and through internet-enabled survey tools. Summarize the survey data into meaningful feedback that can be used by technical and management personnel for decision-making.
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